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Lumber Company and Landfill

Krause & Managan Lumber Co., Ltd has been in the cattle business for 76 years. Beginning in the Fall of 2009, the company has in raising the highest quality cattle and calves. Krause and Managan produces Black Angus Age and Source Verified calves directly to national market buyers. These high quality animals are raised in a stress free pasture land, aided by high quality supplements and minerals, and company produced winter feed. The results produce our best bull calves that are held and sold as Angus Commercial Plus Bulls.

Located in Sulphur , LA. @ 1360 North Beglis Parkway (LA. HWY. 27 North), this site is an C & D facility, which allows for Construction and demolition debris, trees, stumps, etc, however no appliances, tires, paint or hazardous materials of any type may be disposed.

The site is open Monday through Friday 7:30 A.M. till 4:30 P.M. unless inclement weather is present.

The site phone number is 337-764-3407. Direction from I-10, Exit 21, North 2 miles on East side of roadway. Accounts available under discretion of management, net 30.

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Our Southwest Louisiana Sulphur Location